Are CBD Pouches Safe?

Are CBD Pouches Safe?

Published by Nathaniel Prince on Jun 1st 2021

If you are wondering about CBD Pouch ingredients, if pouches are habit forming, or if CBD pouches have any negative side effects, we will answer those questions. Are CBD pouches safe? The short answer is it depends on who makes them, and what your concerns are. Let’s dive into the biggest concerns about CBD pouches.

What are the ingredients in CBD Pouches?

CBD Pouch Ingredients

Ingredients depend on the manufacturer and what they use in the pouches to deliver the CBD and flavor. If you use the Nicotine pouch as a comparison, most do not share ingredients. Nicotine pouch makers are not required to list ingredients in for their pouches because of current tobacco laws.

If you look at Cannadips, their ingredients are listed on the can and all seem very benign. Their ingredients include Palm oil, Proprietary Coconut fiber, sugar, vegetable glycerin natural flavors, Citric acid Xanthan gum and salt. These area in themselves safe for consumption.

FlowBlend CBD pouches have a similar look and feel to the ‘all white’ nicotine pouches except they are very different. FlowBlend CBD Pouches are made of natural and safe ingredients. Every can has the ingredients plainly listed on the back label. FlowBlend has even gone to the lengths to make the pouches healthy, intended to benefit the body. For instance, Xylitol, one of the sweeteners used in the pouches doubles as an effective tool for gum health and to fight tooth decay. MCT oil, another ingredient used in FlowBlend CBD Pouches can help with weight loss and increasing energy.

FlowBlend has even gone to the lengths to make the pouches healthy, intended to benefit the body.

CBD Pouches

Will CBD Pouches make me high?

CBD Pouches sold by FlowBlend have been third party tested to ensure they contain zero THC, the compound that causes the ‘high’. CBD, while having many benefits for the mind and body, has no psychoactive effects.

If you are looking for psychoactive effects from your pouch, some companies sell pouches with Delta 9 or Delta 8 THC. Both of which will give you the ‘high’ feeling.

What’s in CBD Pouches?

FlowBlend CBD pouches use a mixture of food safe ingredients and CBD isolate, a very pure form of CBD. Each pouch is made using food safe equipment and manufacturing process that ensures you get a safe and effective pouch. If you want to learn more about the ingredients in FlowBlend check out this in-depth ingredient list.

Will CBD Pouches cause addiction?

One of the major advantages of CBD is that it is known for relieving addiction withdrawal symptoms. While THC can be habit forming, CBD shows no evidence of being habit forming or causing any type of dependence. If anything, CBD will help break addiction and lessen withdrawal from substances that have addictive properties.

Do CBD Pouches have any negative side effects?

You may begin to love having a flavor packed dose of CBD at your fingertips to consume while doing just about anything. Just like chewing gum became a norm, we think healthy pouches could do the same. At this point we are not aware of any negative side effects of CBD pouches.


CBD pouches are still a young innovation with a future that we are unaware of. Imagine yourself on a disk golf course, walking to collect your disk from a successful put, and being able to throw in a refreshing CBD pouch to enjoy as you take on the next green. Or you are getting ready to go rip up a trail on a dirt bike, and you want a little extra focus and energy so you throw in a CBD pouch that’s loaded with Caffeine, L-theanine, and Ginseng. Either way, FlowBlend is committed to offering you with healthy, safe, and useful pouches for whatever your doing. Our motto is ‘Feel Great, Play More’ and we mean it.