What are the best CBD Pouches?

What are the best CBD Pouches?

Mar 28th 2022

What Are The Best CBD Pouches?

MARCH 25, 2022

Are you looking for the best CBD pouches? CBD Pouches are used to replace dip, Nicotine pouches or chewing tobacco, and are also loved by CBD enthusiast as a great way to enjoy and use CBD.

There are several large competitors in the CBD pouch space that are worth mentioning. But before we dive in, we gotta be real with you, this post was written by the FlowBlend team, a brand that sells infused pouches of all kinds. So, as your reading this, you’ll probably notice that were we’re biased, because we love FlowBlend and art of crafting pouches. 

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The Top CBD Pouch brands in the American space are:

1.) FlowBlend

2.) Cannadips

3.) Chill

What’s the difference between CBD Pouches?

CBD Infused Pouches are made of a variety of ingredients, every company makes their pouches using different flavorings, bases, and pouch material. Just like the variety of craft beer, no two CBD pouches are the same. Pouches can be as different as a thick dark lager that you have to chew to swallow and low-calorie bubbly light beer. 

These are some questions worth asking.

  • How are they sweetening the pouches? 

  • Do they even share what the ingredients are? 

  • Are they using synthetic sweeteners like Aspartame? 

  • What are they using to deliver the flavor?

How To Judge A CBD Infused Pouch

If you were trying to figure out which CBD Pouch you liked better you would want to look at 5 different points. 

My Mom always said judging people was bad, but I’m sure she would be down to judge some pouches.

The 5 key areas that Pouches are judged by is: flavor, effects they produce, time they last, the feel of the pouch and overall quality of construction. If the pouch falls apart in the first 5 minutes and poops out all its ingredients in your mouth it’s an annoying experience.

We’re going to do our best to lay out the data, and you can decide.

FLOWBLEND Infused Pouches

Developed by a long-time lip dipper turned health and mental performance enthusiast, FlowBlend was crafted with the sole purpose of making a pouch with great long-lasting flavor, without any junk ingredients that optimize mind and body. FlowBlend Infused Pouches use natural sweeteners that promote gum and tooth health as well as natural flavors and herbs.

FlowBlend is a Craft Pouch Manufacturer, meaning every pouch is from a small batch and packaged by hand. Flowblend Infused Pouch recipes are being improved upon constantly. The company is small and agile making Innovation top priority, just like you, we love adventure and will always keep it fresh.

FlowBlend cans hold 20 Pouches.


FlowBlend searched high and low to find the flavors people wanted, and we keep asking you what flavors you want. The flavor of FlowBlend pouches is somewhat legendary as people report strong enjoyable flavor 2 hours into using them. 

One thing worth mentioning is that the flavor of our pouches start off slow, meaning you have to put in the pouch and move it around for a minute before you get strong flavor but it finishes strong.

Here’s what some of FlowBlend customers are saying about the flavor of our Infused Pouches.

Excellent product with incredible flavor. The first time trying it I put a pouch in at 6am at work and I didn’t take it out until 10am when I wanted to eat,...It still had flavor!!!!!! Kept me energized all morning, works great!.
star star star star star  

It was super easy to order and the order came super quick! This stuff works great! I keep a pouch in throughout the day and it really helps with my anxiety! It also tastes great! Great product will definitely order again!
star star star star star  

FlowBlends’ craft infused pouches use natural flavors and incorporate different natural and earthy herbs to compliment flavor and increase the effects and health aspects of using pouches.

Infused Pouch Effects

This is where FlowBlend raises the bar of what you can expect from a pouch and separates itself from other CBD Pouch companies. While other CBD Pouch manufacturers only make CBD Pouches, or only Coffee Pouches, FlowBlend crafts infused pouches with purpose. Need an infused pouch that will give you energy during the midday slump? FlowBlend Makes that. Need a pouch to just chill out? FlowBlend makes that. Need a Pouch to increase Focus, Motivation and memory? FlowBlend crafts that as well.

Let’s see what FlowBlend Customers are saying about the effects of its infused pouches.

As someone who has never used a pouch for nicotine I was a little skeptical of this product but I can honestly say this is a game changer. I felt great and awake for my 4AM shift and even did extra work for the following days. I will definitely be purchasing again in the future.
Marco G.
star star star star star  

Bought one product and decided I like them so I bought 6 more before I ran out. The stoked wintergreen CBD product helps with my lower back and overall stiffness plus the caffeine helps give me a boost when I workout. I go it fast too which is a plus. Thanks
James C.
star star star star star  

I’m really enjoying the extra burst of energy and mood boost I’m getting from these packets. The effects last most of the day.
Jamie M.
star star star star star  

Infused Pouch Longevity

How long can you keep the pouch in before it loses flavor? While FlowBlend pouch flavor may start out slow, it stays strong all the way through. The biggest challenge you will have is that they taste so good, you have to keep yourself from munching on the pouch and eating the ingredients. People report keeping the Infused Pouches in for 2 hours plus.

Let’s see what FlowBlend Customers are saying.

Excellent long lasting pouch
star star star star star  

CBD Pouch Feel

What is it that gives a pouch the right feel? Some say size matters. A larger pouch can fit more ingredients, but some people don’t like a giant lump under their lip. FlowBlend designed their pouches to be discreet, so you can “power up” with a pouch, and no one will notice.

Feel is determined by the type of material the pouch is made of, the size, and how it moves in your mouth. Is it dry and sticky like a tea bag? Or, is it smooth and soft allowing the pouch to move freely under the lip?

Ingredients can also play a role, if the base material is hard and pointy it can feel uncomfortable in your mouth. This is why “all white” pouches, which is a way of describing pouches made of powders only are becoming extremely popular. FlowBlend pouches are made of powder ingredients only, giving them a smooth feel in the lip. 

Let’s see what some of FlowBlend Customers are saying about the Feel of FlowBlend Pouches.

Flavor is great and these are so much easier to keep with me than other CBD products I have tried. And I love the longer lasting effects of being able to keep it in my mouth for as long as I need Vs the all or nothing of other edible CBD products.
Jess S.
star star star star star  

Infused Pouch Construction

If you throw in a pouch and it immediately squirts all its contents because of a broken seam, it’s just plain gross. It’s one thing to blend together the ingredients, it’s a whole new endeavor to get those ingredients into a pouch and achieve a good seal on both ends. Have you ever bought a can of pouches only to find the ingredients all over the inside? This is because a seal didn’t hold on a pouch or there was a problem with the pouch machine and it dropped all the stuff in the can.

When a manufacture makes thousands of small pouches a day, it can be difficult to ensure quality, especially if everything is mechanized. That’s why at FlowBlend, we load every can by hand Ensuring quality infused pouches is a must, and FlowBlend make that a priority.

Let’s see what our customers are saying.

They taste awesome, don’t fall apart, help me limit nicotine pouches, and give me an extra boost. Will order again.
Travis W.
star star star star star  

Cannadips CBD Pouches

When it comes to CBD Pouches, Cannadips was the frontrunner who pioneered the idea of CBD Pouches, no one can take that throne. So Cannadips, we salute you! Because Cannadips has been around since 2018 they feature thousands of reviews, mostly positive. Cannadips offers many different flavors in Hemp CBD Pouches, and that’s what they focus on.

Cannadips CBD pouches hold only 15 pouches.

Chill CBD Pouches

Chill pouches are pretty new to the CBD Pouch scene and seem to be diversifying into the Nicotine space. They offer gummies, drops, smokes and other CBD products. It would seem that Chill is using a very similar base as Cannadips, as Coconut fiber is the first ingredient.

There is not enough information or reviews online to leave any worthwhile feedback on Chill, so we will update this in the future when we have more information.

Chill CBD pouches hold only 15 pouches.

What's the best CBD Pouch?

We said in the beginning we are biased because we think we make a great pouch, but trying to compare FlowBlend, Cannadips and Chill is like comparing Apples and Bananas.

It really depends on what you enjoy. Cannadips and Chill use coconut coir as the base so their pouches feel a little rough in the lip, FlowBlend uses a powdered base to give a smooth feel.

 If you just want CBD, well then it comes down to what flavor and feel you like best. If you want your pouches to boost your focus, energy, HGH production, or Stress resistance, then FlowBlend is for you. 

Now you’re a pro at judging pouches! If you are in the market and try FlowBlend, please let us know what you think. We love hearing from our customers. 

My experience with Flow blend was excellent. After chewing tobacco for 40 plus years I was able to quit tobacco cold turkey! I do think it helped that I was using the tobacco in pouch form so when my wife discovered flow blend in the pouch form, I knew it might work. Now four months tobacco free...Thx. Still using Flow blend.
Jim M.
star star star star star  

FlowBlend CBD Pouches

CBD Only Pouches

Anytime CBD

tag_faces   Flavor
Made out of Microcrystaline Cellulose, which is dried wood pulp, these pouches are loaded with flavor that lasts for hours.
thumb_up_alt   Feel
Made in the same shape and size as the most popular Nicotine Pouches, the CBD all white pouches last long and feel great.
add_reaction   EFFECTS
Many users of CBD love the effects given by using the pouches. We cannot dive into that because of the FDA.
Stoked CBD Pouches

Pouches For Energy

add_reaction   EFFECTS
Loaded with Siberian Ginseng for energy and stress resiliance, these caffinated CBD pouches will give you a boost of energy when you need it most.
thumb_up_alt   Feel
Made in the same shape and size as the most popular Nicotine Pouches, the CBD all white pouches last long and feel great.
tag_faces   Flavor
The earthy notes of Siberian Ginseng play well with the natural flavors infused in these game changing pouches. Make doing what you love even better when you're Stoked with FlowBlend.


Made with a whallop of the brain boosting supplement Alpha-GPC, Rhodiola Rosea and Vinpocetine, these pouches will make you feel alive!


The earthy combination of Rhodiola and Spearmint creates an enjoyable flavor to be savored for as long as you keep the pouch in.


Users report great flavor for as long as two hours, and effects that last all day.

FlowBlend CBD Pouches are made with Broad Spectrum Hemp CBD with less than .3% THC, legal in all 50 states and compliant with United States H.R.2 – Agriculture Improvement Act of 2018.


*These statements and product have not been evaluated by the FDA. This Product not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.