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About Pouches

FlowBlend Pouch Technology

How Pouches Work

FlowBlend makes Natural Infused Pouches to boost Energy, Stamina, Focus, Attention, Reaction Times, Calm, and to improve Mood. Every pouch is blended to give long lasting flavor. FlowBlend is American made with simple and powerful ingredients.


FlowBlend makes naturally sweetened Caffeine Pouches, Nootropic Pouches and CBD Pouches.


FlowBlend Pouches are a supplement delivery system that offer incredibly fast results exactly when you need them. Giving you flexibility, more play in everything you do, and effective solutions to feel better.

Pouch Benefits
Traditional Dietary Pill supplements work great to deliver large amounts of ingredients to the stomach, but pills take a long time to absorb, and the stomach can destroy or waste a significant amount of the wanted ingredients.
Enter FlowBlend Technology.
Pouch ingredients offer rapid and powerful results because they use Sublingual and Buccal absorption. That means the pouch delivers ingredients directly into the bloodstream, this is the most effective way to feel the effects of many supplements.
How to use a pouch
FlowBlend proprietary pouch blends use natural sweeteners like Stevia and Xylitol, Natural Flavors, and other simple ingredients to ensure minimal impact on insulin levels and ensure tooth and gum health. This means you get all the good stuff without harming health, weight, or brain function.*
FlowBlend gives you the freedom to shift your experience by using effective supplements when you need the results. At FlowBlend we believe that we should be able to create our own experience of life as the day wears on. We know what it’s like to grind through a sucky day. That is why we created these pouches, shift your experience on demand, get more done, and play in everything you do.

FlowBlend sells CBD Pouches, Energy Caffeine Pouches, Nootropic Pouches and will offer many more. All our pouches come in different flavors for your satisfaction. Our pouches have helped hundreds quit or reduce Nicotine, and add years to their lives. We couldn’t be happier to offer our customers a nicotine and tobacco alternative.  

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CBD Pouches: The Convenient Way to Experience the Benefits of CBD

FlowBlend pouches are a convenient way to experience the benefits of CBD, or other great compounds. Like Caffeine, Adaptogens or Nootropics. These small pouches are filled with CBD and other ingredients and can be easily be placed in your mouth, providing a discrete and easy way to consume CBD. CBD pouches are perfect for people who want to experience the benefits of CBD without the hassle of oils or tinctures. Here are some of the benefits of CBD pouches:

  • Convenient: CBD pouches are easy to use, and you can take them anywhere you go. They are discreet and perfect for people who want to consume CBD without drawing attention to themselves.
  • Quick absorption: CBD pouches are designed to provide quick absorption of CBD. The CBD is absorbed through the oral mucosa, which allows it to enter the bloodstream quickly.
  • Precise dosing: CBD pouches come in pre-measured doses, which makes it easy to control your CBD intake.
  • No mess: CBD pouches are mess-free and do not require any special equipment or preparation.

CBD pouches are a convenient and discreet way to enjoy the potential therapeutic benefits of CBD. They offer quick absorption, precise dosing, and no mess, making them perfect for people who want to experience the benefits of CBD on the go. If you're looking for a natural way to manage pain, anxiety, or sleep issues, CBD pouches may be an excellent option for you. However, it's essential to consult with your healthcare provider before trying any new CBD products.