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About Us

The Prince Family. Nate, Britani, and their Children

At the base of Glacier National Park in the Northwest corner of Montana is a shop, and if you stood outside the shop you would hear the steady thumping of a pouch machine whirring along. If you walked in you would be struck with the rich smell of Spearmint and Rhodiola as the custom craft blends are mixed and loaded into the pouches. You would find Nate blending powders and making pouches while Britani fills each can by hand, and massages the labels on to create the finished product. What started as just an alternative to Nicotine pouches quickly transformed into a company focused on optimizing the mind and body, offering a wide array of pouches for different purposes.


Nate and Britani Prince, the founders of FlowBlend live with their two young children and run the business as a family operation. At FlowBlend we value Family, Freedom, and the American Dream of building the life you want from the ground up. Starting as a small company, FlowBlend will always strive to provide the best products at the best price because that is what you, the customer deserves.


Part of being alive is feeling pain. As a result of pain, many of us turn to addiction to alleviate the sorrow or pain we feel. Nicotine is one of the most common addictions in the world, and it's killing humanity off at a rate thats hard to imagine. 


Our big goal is to help those who demand the best from themselves to live an awesome life by helping 1,000,000 people quit Nictotine by 2030.


Thats adding over 1,000,000 years of life back onto this planet, thats a million more smiles, hugs, and days spent with kids. Thats 1,000,000 more years for tech development or philosophy to help our world evolve into its best version. 

Most people who use nicotine have tried to quit at least a couple times, and feel frustration at always returning to the habit. As a long time Nicotine user, the founder of FlowBlend wanted to help people break the cycle of addiction with as little physical and mental struggle as possible by helping the body achieve homeostasis during the times of stress while quitting. 

By blending the idea of oral fixation and herbal supplements and compounds FlowBlend has created a new way to change how we feel. Anyone who has taken pill supplements to impact how they FEEL, know that the morning ritual of taking supplements is time consuming.


We need options that are quick, on-the-go, and can enjoyably shift our experience when we need them to. 


Like at a company meeting, at the race track, or before an event that demands we show up 100%.

We provide people with products to enhance the experience of life by offering effective ways to increase Peace, Energy, and Focus using powerful natural ingredients that promote health and vitality. By blending Ancient Wisdom and Modern Neuroscience we help people unleash their peak potential and well-being.
Get more out of life by unleashing peak performance and optimizing brain function.

When we feel great, clear, and powerful we make better decisions, create stronger bonds, have more success, and live more fully.  

FlowBlend is about optimizing Brain and Body function to live a life more aligned with your goals and purpose.