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CBD Pouches - Everything You Need to Know

CBD Pouches - Everything You Need to Know

May 3rd 2023

Alpha Nootropic Pouches

CBD Pouches - Everything You Need To Know


Are you interested in learning more about CBD Pouches? This CBD Pouches Guide will answer most questions about CBD dip infused pouches all in one place. 

Did you know that people started putting herbs and plants in their lip to enhance their abilities over 3,000 years ago? Native people of the Andes show evidence of it from the crumbling mummified remains dating back to 1000 BC. Indigenous people of some parts of Asia still to this day chew leaves of shruby plants and tall trees to improve work productivity and combat the debilitating fatigue of a hard days work.

Using CBD Pouches is quickly becoming a go-to for people looking to either quit nicotine or enhance their abilities while working. 

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This article is written courtesy of the FlowBlend Team.

FlowBlend crafts Tobacco and Nicotine free Infused pouches to help you feel great, enhance productivity, increase energy, and improve performance.  

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What are CBD Pouches?

CBD Pouches are small soft packets filled with CBD and other ingredients meant to fit between the lip and gum to disperse the infused ingredients through Buccal and Sublingual Administration. In other words, it dissolves flavored ingredients in your mouth all held together in a soft and comfortable pouch.

The idea of CBD Pouches came originally from something called Snus, it's very popular in Europe. Snus was born when some ingenious person took finely ground and prepared tobacco and stuffed it into a tea bag, this grew in popularity and an entire industry grew up around it, eventually spreading to the United States. Today the Nicotine Pouch, a cousin of snus, is quickly becoming the dominant method of nicotine administration.

CBD Pouches are very similar except instead of Nicotine or Tobacco, CBD Pouches are filled with the base formula, that provides the flavor and bulk of the pouch, and Cannabidiol or CBD.

CBD Pouch material is usually made from a combination of natural plant fibers like cotton, and some synthetic material to help bond the material to form the pouch.

CBD Infused pouches come in many different flavors, sizes, and ingredients. You can Read more about the Best CBD Pouches HERE.

My experience with Flow blend was excellent. After chewing tobacco for 40 plus years I was able to quit tobacco cold turkey! I do think it helped that I was using the tobacco in pouch form so when my wife discovered flow blend in the pouch form, I knew it might work. Now four months tobacco free...Thx. Still using Flow blend.
Jim M.
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When was CBD Legalized?

CBD was legalized federally by the passage of the Agriculture Improvement Act of 2018. The act legalized the cultivation of Hemp and the sale and distribution of Hemp related products with less than 0.3% THC. THC is the compound in cannabis that gets people high. 

Will CBD Ruin a Drug Test?

Drug tests typically do not test for CBD, so for virtually all drug tests the answer is No. What should be a concern is whether or not the CBD you are consuming is pure CBD or if it has small traces of THC. If you are concerned about a drug test, just ensure that the CBD you are using has no trace of THC in it. 

FlowBlend uses a form of CBD that contains absolutely zero THC.

What do CBD Pouches Do?

CBD Pouches give people an easy, enjoyable and mobile option to use CBD while also doing their favorite activities. It's like a 'Power Up' that you can carry in your pocket.

Basic flavored CBD pouches allow the body to absorb the CBD through either sublingual or buccal cavities, which is virtually the fastest way to feel and benefit from the effects of an ingredient. 

Some CBD pouch brands make CBD pouches along with other herbs and ingredients to give users more specific effects like instant energy, focus, relaxation. CBD Pouches up until now have been limited in what they do, but the company FlowBlend is quickly revolutionizing what Infused CBD Pouches can be. 

Do CBD Pouches Work?

Yes. CBD pouches release the Cannabinoid CBD into the blood stream via Buccal administration. If you look at CBD Pouch Reviews you will read many stories about why people bought infused pouches, and whether or not they worked. Many customers have left positive reviews after using CBD Pouches and successfully quitting Nicotine. It's important to note that withdrawal symptoms are different for synthetic nicotine and regular tobacco.

Excellent product with incredible flavor. The first time trying it I put a pouch in at 6am at work and I didn’t take it out until 10am when I wanted to eat,...It still had flavor!!!!!! Kept me energized all morning, works great!.
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CBD Nootropic Pouch

Are CBD Pouches Safe?

Yes. CBD Pouches are safe to use, and it’s recommended that you consult a health care professional if you have any health concerns. We recommend choosing a reputable company to buy from.

CBD Pouches are safe to consume as long as they are made with quality ingredients in a clean atmosphere by people who care about the end product. Read a company’s CBD Pouch reviews to get an idea if they make a quality product or not. 

Can you swallow CBD Pouches?

No, when you decide that you are done using the CBD Pouch, spit it out into a garbage receptacle. The pouch material is not digestible.

Can you swallow the juice from a CBD Pouch? Yes, the ingredients are made to be ingested, while the pouch itself is meant to be spit out.

How do CBD Pouches Work?

CBD Pouches are made of a porous material that allows the ingredients of the pouch to be released and absorbed into the body. The ingredients are absorbed in two places. Buccally – the area related to the gum and cheek. And Sublingually – the area under the tongue.

These two areas allow the ingredients to be absorbed into the blood system extremely fast while bypassing the digestive system giving users almost immediate effects.

How do you use CBD Pouches?

To use a CBD pouch remove it from the container and place it in your lower or upper lip between your gum and cheek. You might need to wet the pouch with some saliva to make it feel more comfortable and to help with the release of the ingredients and flavor. Hold it there until all the ingredients have dissolved or you decide that you have finished. After you’re done, remove the pouch and dispose of it appropriately. 

Why do Athletes use CBD?

Athletes use CBD for many reasons. The FDA has strict rules as to what a company can, and cannot say about CBD. A company cannot claim that CBD treats or cures any ailment or offers any health benefits, so while we would love to answer this question in detail, we must be crafty and vague. Athletes biggest problems are inflammation, sore joints, and anxiety about performance and recovery time. They wouldn’t use CBD if it didn’t work. 

As someone who has never used a pouch for nicotine I was a little skeptical of this product but I can honestly say this is a game changer. I felt great and awake for my 4AM shift and even did extra work for the following days. I will definitely be purchasing again in the future.
Marco G.
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CBD Pouches

CBD Pouch Effects

CBD Infused pouches allow for quick distribution of Cannabidiol or CBD into the blood stream. Some people report no feelings, while others say they don’t want to throat punch anybody after using them. Studies have shown that CBD may relieve pain, could reduce some mental health disorders, may alleviate cancer related symptoms, may have neuroprotective properties, may benefit heart health, and other stuff. We suggest reading more about the effects of CBD, and then returning to the CBD Pouch as a delivery system.

FlowBlend is the only company to offer CBD Pouches infused with other powerful ingredients like Alpha-GPC, Rhodiola, Siberian Ginseng L-Theanine or Caffeine. So the effects of infused pouches is only limited to what is included. 

CBD Pouch Side Effects

CBD Infused Pouch side effects are very rare based on reviews and data available. CBD Pouches side effects can be different depending on the type of pouch you select. CBD Side effects noted in different studies are

· Diarrhea

· Changes in Appetite and weight

· Fatigue, drowsiness, and sedation.

Its recommended that you consult with a health professional before using CBD.

CBD Pouch Benefits

The benefits of CBD Infused Pouches are the convenience of having a lightweight, mobile, discreet way to power up with a CBD Pouch. There are a lot of reviews where CBD Pouch users are very happy with the benefits they received. For example, if you are looking to quit dipping tobacco or stop using nicotine pouches then CBD Pouches are definitely worth looking at. Sometimes the difference between failure and success is one small decision.

There was a study done a while ago where candy was put out where its accessible versus tucked away in a cupboard. Of course, the candy that was out and accessible was eaten many times faster than the candy tucked away. Carrying a great tasting alternative to chewing tobacco or nicotine is a key decision that can make the difference between quitting or continue using.

Are you looking to quit Nicotine? Read more about the benefits of CBD and breaking Nicotine addiction HERE
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CBD Pouches for Pain

Evidence shows that CBD may reduce chronic pain by binding to Cannabinoid receptors. Patients in a 2-week trial reported greater than a 30% reduction in pain on a 0 - 10 scale [study]. This type of result is significant. Once again, read customer reviews of the CBD infused pouches you intend to use and you'll be able to make a decision.

Bought one product and decided I like them so I bought 6 more before I ran out. The stoked wintergreen CBD product helps with my lower back and overall stiffness plus the caffeine helps give me a boost when I workout. I got it fast too which is a plus. Thanks
James C.
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Where to Buy CBD Pouches

CBD Pouches are mainly available at the brands website. Some stores carry them across the country, check your local dispensaries, CBD stores, and health food stores. Because many large retailers and social media giants have banned CBD based on their private policies, distribution of CBD Pouches are pretty limited. To ensure you get the best prices and discounts shop for your CBD pouches direct from the brand itself like

CBD Pouches on Amazon?

Amazon has banned the sale of CBD products on their store, however they do allow for sale of Hemp products, which can contain some CBD. The hemp products contain only a fraction of CBD compared to true CBD pouches. For now, FlowBlend only sells CBD Pouches through their website and some local stores around Montana.

Can you use CBD Pouches to Quit Chewing Tobacco?

Quitting Chewing Tobacco or Nicotine Pouches is tough, many have tried... and then tried again... and again. Many FlowBlend customers have reported quitting chewing tobacco while using FlowBlend CBD Pouches, you can read some Reviews Here.

Be sure to read our guide: 6 Ways to quit Chewing Tobacco Easily!

Nootropics Alpha pouch

I’m really enjoying the extra burst of energy and mood boost I’m getting from these packets. The effects last most of the day.
Jamie M.
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Excellent long lasting pouch
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Alpha GPC Nootropic Pouch

I started with cope long cut in my teens, then cope pouches, snus and finally zyn - which has been extremely hard to quit. I tried alternatives, but none looked/tasted the same as zyn until I found FlowBlend. The handwritten letter with motivating quotes pushed me over the edge and is giving me the willpower to get it done. I am truly lucky to have found these and will continue to be a customer. I haven’t completely quit zyn yet, but I’ve been substituting FlowBlend for at least three days a week. I’m going to get there and I have the FlowBlend team to thanks! Highly recommended.
Chris H.
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Alpha nootropic pouch

They taste awesome, don’t fall apart, help me limit nicotine pouches, and give me an extra boost. Will order again.
Travis W.
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FlowBlend CBD Pouches

cbd dips
CBD Only Pouches
tag_faces   Flavor
Made with simple ingredients that are big on flavor. Designed to be keto friendly, and keep you feeling great!
thumb_up_alt   Feel
Made in the same shape and size as the most popular Nicotine Pouches, the CBD all white pouches last long and feel great.
add_reaction   EFFECTS
Many users of CBD love the effects given by using the pouches. We cannot dive into that because of the FDA.

Stoked CBD Pouches
add_reaction   EFFECTS
Loaded with Siberian Ginseng for energy and stress resiliance, these caffinated CBD pouches will give you a boost of energy when you need it most.
thumb_up_alt   Feel
Made in the same shape and size as the most popular Nicotine Pouches, the CBD all white pouches last long and feel great.
tag_faces   Flavor
The earthy notes of Siberian Ginseng play well with the natural flavors infused in these game changing pouches. Make doing what you love even better when you're Stoked with FlowBlend.
Caffeine Pouch


Made with a whallop of the brain boosting supplement Alpha-GPC, Rhodiola Rosea, L-Theanine and Vinpocetine, these pouches will make you feel alive!


The earthy combination of Rhodiola and Spearmint creates an enjoyable flavor to be savored for as long as you keep the pouch in.


Users report great flavor for as long as two hours, and effects that last all day.