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6 Ways to Quit Chewing Tobacco

6 Ways to Quit Chewing Tobacco

May 1st 2023

6 Ways To Quit Chewing Tobacco

March 10th, 2023

Quitting sucks... there’s no nice way around it. Like anything, to quit we gotta build our quitting muscles one rep at a time; one day at a time, until we're rock solid. You ready to put in the reps?

There is an easy way to quit chewing tobacco, and a hard way to quit dipping. Quitting Nicotine with a plan is helpful, but cultivating the inner desire to quit chewing tobacco is most important. If you’re looking for a solid, real plan to quit nicotine, this is it. 

If you follow this plan you could be Nicotine and Tobacco free in 30 days or less.

Follow these steps or skip them at your own risk of failure. 

This article is written courtesy of the FlowBlend Team.

FlowBlend crafts Natural Infused Pouches that are Nicotine and Tobacco free to optimize the Mind and Body. Break the cycle, and create your freedom.  

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Find a Dipping Substitute

Remember in High School when a new substitute teacher showed up, some were great, and some were terrible. It's the same in the Tobacco Alternative world. When your go-to chewing tobacco is out of the question, where do you turn? A boring seed? Hell no! You want that hotty substitute that you pray shows up for 3rd period. 

If you’ve been dipping for a while, you love the feeling and taste of throwing in your chaw in the morning, maybe it’s with a cup of coffee or after your breakfast but the reality is you have a habit. So, let’s embrace the habit, and crush the addiction.

You have probably tried quitting in the past, maybe you went cold turkey or tried to taper but if you’re reading this... it didn’t work. Can we review that for a second? First, if you feel any guilt, get rid of that right now. Guilt is a mind killer and reinforces the addiction. 

Nicotine is one of the most addictive substances, and its available at almost every major intersection, it’s embraced as normal in society and you are force fed marketing messages about it everywhere, every day. For lack of a better term, we are rats stuck in a maze. But there is hope.

It only makes sense that the habit of putting tasty stuff in your lip is enjoyable. Otherwise you wouldn’t have started. People have done this for thousands of years as a way to increase productivity or alleviate the stress of work. To quit chewing tobacco, find something you can enjoy that doesn’t contain Nicotine and you have conquered half the battle.

There are a lot of different products out there that taste great, (not like those nasty molasses substitutes of the early 2000’s) and can feel like real chewing tobacco or nicotine pouches.

One thing worth mentioning is your tooth and gum health. What exactly are the sweeteners used in these products? What are they made with?

The company FlowBlend makes great tasting pouches loaded with CBD and other ingredients that have many advantages over just a dipping substitute. FlowBlend uses Xylitol and Stevia as a sweetener which is proven to prevent gum disease, natural flavors and CBD has its own unique benefits, some customer reviews even say that it helps curb the withdrawal symptoms of quitting Nicotine.

FlowBlend looks at pouches as not only a dipping substitute, but a new way of optimizing the mind and body. Need to quickly boost focus and reaction times? FlowBlend has a pouch for that. Need to increase energy during the mid-day slump? FlowBlend has a pouch for that. Need to just chill? You guessed it, FlowBlend has a pouch for that.

When you get the urge to put in a dip, you must have something you can turn to. That can be sunflower seeds, gum, or whatever takes the place of having a dip in your lip. 

My experience with Flow blend was excellent. After chewing tobacco for 40 plus years I was able to quit tobacco cold turkey! I do think it helped that I was using the tobacco in pouch form so when my wife discovered flow blend in the pouch form, I knew it might work. Now four months tobacco free...Thx. Still using Flow blend.
Jim M.
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Bind It - Make a Written Commitment

Did you know that the Sumerian Tablets dating back to 3400 BC, that’s over 5,400 years ago show evidence of written contracts? A written contract has power, it’s a form of agreement, made into something physical.

Bind your decision by making a physical representation of it to give it maximum power. It can be something as simple as the date of your last nicotine consumption and the reason why you are doing it.

We created a PDF that you can print out that uses advanced tools of psychology to create a deep and powerful desire to quit Nicotine, once and for all. 


Find Your Pearl Harbor

Before WW2 became World War 2, Americans in general did not want to enter into the war. World War 1 had drained resources and tired the people, they wanted peace. But after Japan attacked Pearl Harbor, Americans as a whole were ready to fight till the end. Like a momma bear protecting her cubs, America had a reason to fight. You need a reason.

Without a clear understanding of why you are going to fight to quit, you have nothing to keep you committed. Remember in Rocky Balboa 2 when Apollo Creed tells Rocky, he has to get the Eye of the Tiger back? Knowing the deep seated why will give you the Eye of the Tiger, that means the will to fight, and the tenacity to get back up.

To quit dipping tobacco, answer the question, "why are you going to quit?" And then, after you answer it, ask yourself, “Why is that important?” There is a magic number in this process. Ask yourself “Why is that important?” 7 times. It will go something like this.

“Why am I going to Quit?”

- Because I want to be healthy for my kids

“Why is that important?”

- Because they need me.

“Why is that important?”

- Without me, their lives would be chaos.

“Why is that important?”

- my kids deserve to have the best start possible

“Why is that important?”

- So they can …… (you get the picture)

Asking "why" 7 times will bring you to the core reason that will drive you, and catapult you through the difficult cravings.

Once you have your why, include it on your written commitment, and read it every morning, every afternoon and every night as you are fighting for your freedom.

This is extremely important; you must make Chewing Tobacco or Nicotine your enemy. In your mind, it has to become your Thanos, make yourself clear on everything you hate about it. Nicotine is a damn parasite to your soul, it feeds on you, draining your will power a little at a time until you are powerless against it. Nicotine makes you it’s slave, are you willing to be Nicotines little lapdog? Claim your freedom, and slay the parasite.

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Download the Tobacco Freedom Contract Here
If your serious about quitting, this fillable form will give you the motivation and right questions to help you make it stick this time.

Erase Chewing Tobacco from Your Life

A few balding scientists from a university decided to perform the mother of all studies. They took candy, poured it into a bowl and left it on a countertop. The people conducting the study wanted to find how making things visible increased consumption.

The bowl of candy was left in a high traffic area, and over the course of a couple weeks they documented how much candy people ate.

Then they really turned up the heat.

The bowl of candy was moved from the countertop, to a cupboard that was very easy to reach, but behind a door, and told everyone where it was. The test subjects ate only a tiny fraction of the amount they had eaten when it was out in the open. Do you see where we’re going here?

If you are going to quit chewing tobacco, it only makes sense that it must disappear from your life until the physical addiction is over. This means all the places that you typically bought it from have to either become off limits for a month, or someone else has to go in to buy what you need. Fill up at different gas stations, throw everything related to chewing tobacco away at home. Clear your environment of any trace of the parasite Nicotine. Obliviate chewing tobacco.

Tell No One Your Plans to Quit Dipping

Have you ever noticed that when you have a really good idea for something, if you share it with someone, the plan seems to lose power? There is some science behind this. When we share our idea, we get a dopamine hit, it’s like a tiny high. When that dopamine hits our brain, we feel satisfied, and as a result we lose the motivation that usually helps us work towards actually bringing the idea into reality.

When we share our plans, we open ourselves up to other people’s beliefs, and then we hear things like “I gave up,” or “Good luck” in a sarcastic tone. These tiny phrases can be demoralizing to our progress. Doing anything of value is all about creating momentum.

Imagine a plane trying to take off. At first you need full thrust, peddle to the meddle to get that thing moving, it’s hard getting that much weight rolling. After it has enough speed, and is in the air, it doesn’t need full power anymore, you can back off the throttle and let the momentum carry you. It’s the same with what you are about to accomplish. You need all the thrust possible to get your plan moving.

Give yourself a fighting chance and keep your plan to yourself until you have your success.

I started with cope long cut in my teens, then cope pouches, snus and finally zyn - which has been extremely hard to quit. I tried alternatives, but none looked/tasted the same as zyn until I found FlowBlend. The handwritten letter with motivating quotes pushed me over the edge and is giving me the willpower to get it done. I am truly lucky to have found these and will continue to be a customer. I haven’t completely quit zyn yet, but I’ve been substituting FlowBlend for at least three days a week. I’m going to get there and I have the FlowBlend team to thanks! Highly recommended.
Chris H.
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Sweat Your Way to Quitting Dip

We are animals at the most basic level. Sure, we can do stuff that animals cant like use reason and logic, but at the root of it all, we are mostly hairless beasts. We may have convinced ourselves we are ready to quit, but our physical bodies need to make some changes for this to happen. 

Our brains influence our behavior with chemical rewards, if we do something our brain likes we get a hit of feel good chemicals.

Quitting nicotine and tobacco turn off the feel-good chemicals as our body recalibrates and learns how to feel great without the addictive substance.

(READ: Withdrawal symptoms – Synthetic Nicotine vs Tobacco)

While your brain is getting used to not having nicotine, you can do yourself a favor by sweating. Get into some exercise clothes and get your heart rate going. It really doesn’t matter what you do, just aim to make yourself sweat and elevate your heart rate for at least 20 minutes per day. This will naturally increase all the feel good chemicals and allow you to feel great through the quitting process. This little addition to the rest of your efforts will make you unstoppable.

Free download
Download the Tobacco Freedom Contract Here
If your serious about quitting, this fillable form will give you the motivation and right questions to help you make it stick this time.

This article was written by the FlowBlend team to help you create freedom from nicotine. If you appreciate the article, be sure to visit the FlowBlend store to see if they offer something that could help you.

FlowBlend makes Natural Infused Pouches that are Nicotine and Tobacco free to optimize the Mind and Body. Break the cycle, and create your freedom. 

Excellent product with incredible flavor. The first time trying it I put a pouch in at 6am at work and I didn’t take it out until 10am when I wanted to eat,...It still had flavor!!!!!! Kept me energized all morning, works great!.
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CBD Pouch

As someone who has never used a pouch for nicotine I was a little skeptical of this product but I can honestly say this is a game changer. I felt great and awake for my 4AM shift and even did extra work for the following days. I will definitely be purchasing again in the future.
Marco G.
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Bought one product and decided I like them so I bought 6 more before I ran out. The stoked wintergreen CBD product helps with my lower back and overall stiffness plus the caffeine helps give me a boost when I workout. I got it fast too which is a plus. Thanks
James C.
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Nootropic pouches

They taste awesome, don’t fall apart, help me limit nicotine pouches, and give me an extra boost. Will order again.
Travis W.
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