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​Withdrawal Symptoms – Synthetic Nicotine vs Tobacco

​Withdrawal Symptoms – Synthetic Nicotine vs Tobacco

Published by Nathaniel Prince on May 12th 2021

I’ve spent years addicted to both Synthetic Nicotine and Nicotine derived from Tobacco, and have successfully quit both. The withdrawal symptoms are different, this is what I have learned.

After spending a year addicted to Synthetic Nicotine and quitting. And also spending years trying to free myself from regular tobacco, I can note how the two have different withdrawal symptoms - at least for me personally.

I attempted to quit regular chewing tobacco and cigarettes many times, and always came back to them within a week or two.

Creating a Nicotine free life is hard work. So many of us give up before we even begin. Like so many big undertakings it’s easy to get lost in the battle of the moment, and lose track of the big goal. What if we could use our Nicotine addiction to make us stronger, healthier, and more resilient in life? Becoming addicted is easy, and anyone can do easy. Quitting nicotine is hard, and not many people can do that. So if you can successfully quit Nicotine, it builds your internal strength, your will power, and your ability to do the hard things in life.

Motivational speaker Les Brown said  “if you do what's easy, your life will be hard. However, if you do what's hard, your life will be easy.”

When you quit Nicotine your body kind of goes into shock. Nicotine boosts our dopamine and slowly shuts down our bodies natural ability to produce it. So, whether its Synthetic or Tobacco derived nicotine, our brains chemistry gets screwed up for a little while. Not to worry though, our body knows how to heal and will eventually fire up that old hardware to pump our brains full of feel good without Nicotine... if we give it the opportunity!


I was at day two after quitting nicotine and went over to my dad’s place to help him fix a lawnmower. We were standing in the rain, looking over the machine when I asked him, “did you get an owner’s manual with this?” he looked at me kind of concerned and said “are you feeling well?” I immediately thought he was going to give me a hard time because I asked for an instruction manual but to my surprise he said “that’s the third time you have asked me the same question.”

From my personal experience, I could literally tell that my brain wasn’t working right. Sleep was messed up for 4 nights, and I generally didn’t feel right until my brain reconfigured its neurochemicals. But that silent pull to get a fix, wasn’t as prevalent. Synthetic Nicotine seems to feel much more mechanical in nature.

My experience quitting synthetic nicotine has been met with less desire, but the feelings of anxiety, sleeplessness, and confusion have been high. By the fourth night sleep returned to just about normal.

Synthetic Nicotine seems to have less of that silent pull or undercurrent, but the neurological symptoms seem to be more exaggerated.


The Undercurrent or silent pull of Nicotine derived from Tobacco is deadly, like an Alligator noiselessly sneaking up, lunging out of the water, and violently dragging its pray into the river. You don’t sense it coming, but once it has you, it's very difficult to get free. Nicotine derived from Tobacco has the silent sneak. After deciding to quit what I experienced time and time again was that I would do great for maybe the first day, but the desire to have nicotine would strike, and it would strike hard. I remember sitting in Gas station parking lots arguing with myself. Why didn’t I just drive away? Anyone who has tried to quit Nicotine would understand.

The silent undertow of Tobacco derived nicotine is what keeps its victims trapped. The feelings of anxiousness, headaches, sleeplessness, and agitation are all there, but seem to be at a lesser extent than Synthetic Nicotine.

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I would have to say that the silent undercurrent or pull of Tobacco derived Nicotine makes it incredibly difficult to eliminate and detox from. Physical symptoms are easy to rationalize, we can write them off like it’s a flu, but to wrestle with the powerful desire of addiction is a difficult one. If I had to quit all over again, I would hands down use Synthetic Nicotine prior to quitting.

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