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Can CBD Help With Nicotine Addiction?

Can CBD Help With Nicotine Addiction?

Published by Nate Prince on Jan 19th 2021

Have You Felt The Tug Of Addiction?

Dipping Tobacco, Chew, Nicotine Pouches, or smoking Cigarettes give us a boost. No doubt, Tobacco is powerfully addictive. Most of us who have been addicted to nicotine liked the habit, but hated being at the mercy of craving. Even though we know that our Nicotine habit was bad for us, we would do it anyway. Why is that?

A super smart dude named Gabor Mate said “It’s not why the addiction, but why the pain?” We could probably get into all kinds of stuff that happened when we were kids that led us to being addicted to Nicotine, but that’s not helpful for right now. Lets look at where the pain comes from.

You want to hear about Cannabidiol (CBD), and we will dive into it, first it’s important to know that our brains are powerful. How we feel and our emotional state is rooted in our biochemistry. When we feel great, we make better decisions, have better relationships, are better parents, are better lovers, and enjoy life more. When our biochemistry is dialed in, WE are dialed in.

When our brains aren’t getting the neurochemicals it needs, we don’t feel like ourselves. We feel anger, depression, anxiety, brainfog, or other unnatural feelings. Once addicted to Nicotine, our brain begins to starve for important neurochemicals when we haven’t had our fix, this makes us feel anxious, angry, or stressed. This is not something we make up or imagine, our brains are literally starving, our brain becomes famished and craves important neurochemicals that help us feel balanced and happy. When dealing with addiction to Nicotine, it’s not why the addiction, it's why the pain. A brain starving for a Nicotine fix is in pain, let’s look at how we can help the brain give up Nicotine without pain.

CBD has been getting a lot of attention because of its potential to treat drug and alcohol abuse.

CBD hardly needs an introduction anymore so let’s just cover the basics. CBD is the 2nd most abundant Cannabinoid in Cannabis. CBD is a non-psychoactive compound, meaning it doesn’t make you feel ‘high’ but it does have tremendous effects on the body and mind. CBD binds to receptors in the brain and inhibits the Endocannabinoid system which has receptors throughout the brain and body. The Endocannabinoid system influences the regulation of mood, pain and inflammation.

CBD and Preventing Relapse

Recent research has shown that CBD reduces drug cravings and anxiety in patients recovering from heroin addiction. Nicotine is not heroin, but both cause a dopamine rush that reinforces habitual use. Multiple Studies have shown that when someone takes CBD, they are less likely to return to the habit. The exact mechanism of how this works is still unknown, but clinical trials are showing positive results. People who take CBD reported feeling less stress and anxiety response up to one week after administration. In another study using rats and mice that were addicted to Cocaine and Heroin, the impact of CBD lasted for around 5 months!

Image Credit: recoveryanswers.org

What Does This All Mean For You?

CBD helps people with addiction. This is verified by randomized controlled studies, pre-clinical studies, and thousands of CBD fans. If you want to quit nicotine, get yourself some high-quality CBD and start the process of teaching your brain how to function without the dopamine rush of Nicotine. Finding new ways to get small dopamine rushes throughout the day will help feed your brain what it needs so that quitting is less of a struggle.

Tips to successfully quit Nicotine:

  • Exercise
  • Supplements
  • Get into Nature (clinically proven to release Dopamine)
  • Gradually lower amount of Nicotine per day
  • Redefine Your Identity
  • Hypnosis
  • Dark Chocolate
  • FlowBlend Pouches

FlowBlend CBD Pouches

Try FlowBlend CBD Pouches To Help You Quit.

FlowBlend CBD pouches are designed to help former smokers and Dippers eliminate the need for Nicotine, while keeping the enjoyable habit. Each CBD pouch is filled with crisp and enjoyable natural flavors, simple ingredients and CBD. And if you want to get even more out of the pouches try the STOKED Blend. Its formulated to boost Dopamine, energy and focus without Nicotine.  Supplementing with CBD from a FlowBlend CBD pouch can make a huge difference in your success.

When we break all this down, our lives are defined by how we feel. How do you feel right now? Could it be better? Lets make that happen for you!

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